Our Mission Statement...
We have decided that quality is what we want to promote and serve on a very high level to a global clientele. Excellent business ethics, combined with open communication, together with a founded knowledge base is what all our Network partners bring into the venture and therefore to our clients. As a group we are able to serve all customer enquiries fast and efficient on a global basis. The environmental challenges and the waste of energy and resources is one of our concerns and we encourage to think today for the generations that follow us.

To make your business more competitive and to develop efficient solutions that is our mission! Join us!

Our services include:

• General Maritime Consulting

• New Build Support & Project Management

• Ship Conversions & Refit Management

• S&P Brokerage

• Charter Brokerage

• Ship Management

• Market Intelligence & Research

• Crewing & Agency Services W/W (over 8500 crew on file)

Our Motto:

'simplicity is the ultimate sophistication'   Leonardo da Vinci