We are a maritime consultancy that maintains the marketing and development of a network of companies that are globally active in:

We strive to provide customers, either directly or through business partners and affiliated companies, with maritime services that are:

We realise that we depend on our customers, whose trust we have to earn and retain at all times. We will work closely with our business partners and affiliated companies in order to enhance our capabilities to provide high-quality services to our customers and to maintain a flexible and professional organisation.

Our success depends on the abilities and dedication of all employees and network partners. We value loyalty, honesty and integrity and we treat each other with respect. We share information and promote teamwork throughout the organisation and with our customers, business partners and affiliates. We seek to be an employer of choice and promote training and personal development.

We adhere to all applicable laws, rules and regulations. We actively support developments that improve the safety of maritime operations and that enhance the protection of the environment. Please contact us with the form below:

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