The vessels shown here are only a selection. Please contact us with your specific requirements.
50 to 250 ton Bollard Pull
Please send us your requirement!
Global coverage
sale or charter
Several Units Available
Location: world wide
Realistic price
prompt delivery
Versatile crew boats available
FSIVs, Utility, Windcats, etc.
w/w locations

85m DP2 Subsea Support Vessel
Blt 2017, 100t AHC crane, 200pax, 
Moonpool, ABS Class, 
Price: $42 mil
Delivery: prompt
Location: China
DP1 & 2  Platform Supply Vessels
various ages

please email for details

WSD, VS 470, UT types etc.
90m DP2 Dive Support Vessel
60 pax, moonpool, 50t crane
Price: Euro 2.3 mil
Location: Germany

Accommodation Jack-Up
Self propelled with DP1
Large cranes, helipad,300pax
Suitable for 65m water depth
Price: $41.5 mil
Location: China

Other Jack-Ups available
We have many more vessels on file. Let us know your requirements & budget.

Research/Survey/Accom/Expedition Vessels
wide selection available
Click on picture 
230pax DP2 SemiSub DSV in the GOM
good for well intervention!
Moonpool, Cranes, etc.
Several Crane Vessels (150 - 3600t)
available at w/w locations. 
Shearleg and full revolving cranes
Also pedestal cranes for sale

Saturation Dive Support Vessels
Please ask for availibility.
We are specialised in this type vessels.
Global coverage!

Vessels with up to 400pax available!

140m DP3 MPSV blt 2014

Location: Singapore
IMR, ROV & Saturation Dive Support
open for charter
w/w operation
DP2 AHTS Brand New
88t BP, Fifi1, SPS & MLC compliant
Price: $11.8 mil
Location: China
90m DSV with DP2
DNV class, 135 POB
Moonpool, 50t crane, helideck
SatDive System for 10
Location: Middle East

70m low draft IRM vessel 
Blt. 2015
160 pax + crew
Price: $19.5 mil
Location: SEA

Accommodation vessel
300+ cabins + crew cabins
SOLAS 2010, garage
Price: reduced to Euro 4.5 mil 
Location: Korea

Please enquire for details or other solutions.
We are specialised in these type of vessels.
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Modern Drilling Rigs
Far East, Middle East, GOM 
inquire for details

available now for serious buyers 
Click on picture for details

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Well priced Saturation Dive Systems      can be provided in 6/9/12/15 men configuration. Complete with LARS, Bell, SPHL, etc. Please ask for a quote.
This page was last updated: August 17, 2017
Semisubmersible Tender Rig
Conversion to Accom unit possible
Vessel in top condition
600ft depth, 20,000ft drilling
Location: West Africa

Please contact us for further details and price
Available for sale from selected yards
AWBs, Tugs, MPSVs, Jack-Ups, etc.
43m New Patrol Vessel
30+ knots, 3000nm range
24pax accommodation
Price: $11.2 mil
Location: Seattle, USA
email me
103m Cruise Vessel
good for accommodation
floatel projects
Price: $4.3 mil!
Location: Caribbean

76m DSV/ROV Support Vessel
Price: $23.5mil
Location: SEA
500pax Accom Semi Sub
Price: try $60mil or charter 
Location: Batam
email me
320 LE Lift Boat
150 pax, Cantilever, Helipad
2 large cranes
Price: offers in region $80 mil
Location: Middle East
36m Anchor Handling Tug
BP 50t 
Blt.2006, Italian flag
Price: try €3.5mil
Location: Med
64m DP2 DSV c/w fitted air dive 
31pax, rebuilt 1998, good condition!
Price: try $2.4 mil!
Location: UAE
1999 blt Crew/Utility
Price: $1.85 mil/unit
Location: Malaysia
85m DP3 Subsea (SURF) vessel
Compact Semi Sub (Swath)
150 pax,150t crane, helideck
​Price: TBA
Location: Singapore
Prompt available!
Several units 350ft  JU rigs
Hot stacked, top condition
Location: w/w
Price: $19 mil
DP1 51m Mini Supply Vessel
4 Cabins / 16 Berths
15 Passengers 
Location: US Gulf
DP1 Fast Supply Vessel
Blt 2005, 80 pax, 280m²
Great capacities
Location: US Gulf
DP1 Liftboat ESV
Ideal for well intervention
Based on F&G Super M2
Location: China

FPSO & FSO units available
Please ask for details.
Also VLCCs for conversion
81m Research Vessel
147 POB, top condition!
Fresh IACS class!
Price: try $1 mil!
Location: SEA
24m Service/Crew Vessel
blt.2016,12 pax + 4 crew
BV class, only 1.7m draft max
1t deck crane, 20m² deck area
Location: Germany

email me
ExNOAA Research Vessel
Price: reduced to $1.75 mil
Location: Seattle, USA
40m DSV/Workboat
24 pax, Decomp. Chamber
Location: The Netherlands
Price: $750,000
65m Subsea Support Vessel
Blt.2013, Moonpool, Crane, etc.
Price:try $8.75mil
Location: Singapore
70m IRM Vessel
103pax, low draft, crane
Blt. 2009, Europe
Location: Middle East
Price: Try $27 mil.
Offshore Solutions Unlimited™
90m Accommodation/Work Vessel
Blt. 2010
195pax, 2 cranes, helideck
Price: $19.5 mil
Location: SEA
DP1 Self-Prop Jack Up units
2 New Buildings available
Payload: 2000t
190t crane, 150 pax,